Marina Sasseron de Oliveira Cabral (1981) is a Brazilian creative, designer, researcher and critical fashion practitioner, interested in the potential of participatory practices, such as performance, for example, as a tool in processes of transformation that aim at unlearning oppressive embodied knowledge, internalized mainly by minority groups. With extensive experience working as a fashion designer in São Paulo, Marina moved to the Netherlands to broaden her perspective of reality and deepen her theoretical knowledge. As a researcher, her multidisciplinary approach explores the micropolitical aspects of materiality, as well as the performativity of clothes and materials in different socio-cultural and socio -political arrangements. She has a BA in Fashion Design (SENAC/ BR) and an MA in Fashion Strategy (ArtEZ/ NL).

Since 2019, she is also part of NOT_____ENOUGH collective, a collective of three South American women activating non-colonial practices within fashion, design, art, education. She is currently living in Amsterdam, NL.